Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

Breathe, Strengthen, Connect

·         Train your body for the physical aspect of birth 

·         Relieve symptomatic ailments of pregnancy such as lower back aches and sciatica

·         Learn valuable skills to help manage strong sensations in labour and induce relaxation

·         Prepare your mind to embrace your changing body and life

·         Enjoy time connecting with your baby in utero

·         Pave the way for healthy childbirth, recovery and parenthood

The best time to begin is from 12 weeks, you can continue as long as it feels good to do so.

Monday night 630-730pm

@ The Yoga Shala

Level 1/157 Gordon St

Port Macquarie

$20 per class/ $80 x 5 class block

Mother Doing Yoga with Baby

Mums and Bubs

Restore, Rebuilt, Reconnect

This specific class will help you to rebuild strength and stability after the birth of your baby.  We start with conscious breathing, reconnecting with the pelvic floor muscles and building functional core strength.

General advise is to begin from 6 weeks post natural birth and 10 weeks post caesarean. Classes are suitable for babies up until crawling.


Core Yoga

Functional Core Connections

This is the perfect class for anyone wanting to build and maintain functional core strength.

The most common misconception about core strength is that it merely means having strong abdominals—like the washboard stomach.

In truth, functional core strength means having balanced flexibility, control, and power in all of the muscles in the core of your body.

To move safely and efficiently, our core should be providing most of the support and be doing most of the work. Our extremities should simply be an extension of what’s happening in our core.

Monday night 5-615pm

@ The Yoga Shala

1/157 Gordon St

Port Macquarie

$20 per class/ group class pricing

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Yoga Practice

Private Tuition

Build & Connect

Book your own private yoga class, set the time, date and place to suit your needs.

This can be one-on-one tuition or your own private yoga class.

Great for building a personal practice, group activity or team building exercise etc.

Prices start from $80/ hour

Yoga Man Meditation

Yoga Therapy

A Therapeutic Approach

As a qualified Yoga Therapist with over 700 hours specific training I am able to offer you a fresh approach to your yoga routine tailored to suit your needs. 

Yoga Therapy takes into account all aspects of your life; Work-life, home-life, diet, exercise, stress levels, support networks, health, past illnesses and injuries, disease, family history, short and long term goals etc.

In this way a thorough assessment can be made and a practice can be designed to suit you.

A personal practice may include; yoga postures, specific breathing techniques, mantra, mindfulness exercises and meditation. Depending on your individuals needs, scope of practice and time available.

3 x class Package Includes;

3.5 hours face-to-face

Delivered over 3-6 week period

Digital copy of personalised practice

Relaxation recording + follow-up material.

Initial consult $120/ 1.5 hours

Follow up $80/ hour