Breathe, Strengthen, Connect

·         Train your body for the physical aspect of birth 

·         Relieve symptomatic ailments of pregnancy such as lower back aches and sciatica

·         Learn valuable skills to help manage strong sensations in labour and induce relaxation

·         Prepare your mind to embrace your changing body and life

·         Enjoy time connecting with your baby in utero

·         Pave the way for healthy childbirth, recovery and parenthood

The best time to begin is from 12 weeks onward. Bookings are required due to COVID restrictions on class numbers.


Restore, Rebuilt, Reconnect

This specific class will help you to rebuild strength and stability after the birth of your baby.  We start by consciously using our breath to reconnect to the pelvic floor and build functional core strength.

General advise is to begin from 6 weeks post natural birth and 10 weeks post cesarean. Classes are suitable for babies up until crawling.

Classes are run in 5 week blocks, please get in touch to find out when the next group starts.


Stillness through Motion

The yoga I teach has a strong focus on creating a solid foundation with the breath. Through this connection you are able to intuitively guide yourself through your practice, choosing mindfully from the various strength options offered. The breath is the link between your body and mind, yoking the two.

When practiced regularly over time, your yoga practice allows you to find stillness through motion. Through practice you are able to transfer this from your mat and into your daily life.

All classes include a combination of the following-

Pranayama; focussed breath awareness

Asana; the physical poses of yoga

Drishti; focused gaze, as a means for

developing concentrated intention

Dhyana; meditation

Savasana; relaxation


Build & Connect

Book your own private yoga class, set the time, date and place to suit your needs.

This can be one-on-one tuition or your own private yoga class.

Great for building a personal practice, group activity or team building exercise etc.

Prices start from $60/hour


A Therapeutic Approach

Tailoring a class to suit a person’s individual needs is ideal as we are all so different.
Yoga Therapy takes into account all aspects of a person’s life. Work-life, home-life, diet, exercise, stress levels, support networks, health, past illnesses and injuries, disease, family history, short and long term goals etc.
In this way a thorough assessment can be made and a practice can be designed to suit the individual.
A personal practice may include; yoga postures, specific breathing techniques, mantra, mindfulness exercises and meditation. Depending on the individuals needs, scope for practice and time available.



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