About Me

Yoga has long been a part of my journey, keeping me strong since a back injury in my early 20’s. I discovered yoga as a way of healing and became accustomed to the practice of Ashtanga yoga. I fell in love with the discipline and challenge of this practice, and it served me well up until pregnancy when my body began to change. It became apparent to me at this stage of my life, that a practice needs to be adapted to an individual's changing needs.

My yoga training started in 2008 with a one month live-in Ashtanga Teacher Training with Paul Dallaghan in Koh Samui, Thailand. I went on to study Pranayama, the science of breath, with Paul’s teacher; Sri O.P Tiwari, in another one-month immersion at the Kaivalyadhama Ashram Lonavala, India, later that year.

I began teaching on the road as I was still at this time, living and working on yachts. After 10 years of living and working abroad, my partner and I decided to return to Australia to start a family in 2010.

We had the joy of experiencing two wonderful home-births which changed our lives forever! I previously had no idea birth could be such an opportunity for growth. I was saddened to realise not everyone has an empowering experience of birth, and was inspired to learn how I could help others to prepare for their best birth.

I have been teaching pre and postnatal yoga since 2011. It was around this time I furthered my studies with voice empowerment coach, Ganga Karen Ashworth, whose teachings helped me to develop my own Birth Skills Workshop. I followed this with learning to teach the Hypnobirthing Australia Course, and continue to offer these programs to families in Port Macquarie.

In 2019 I completed two years part-time study in Yoga Therapy with Enlightened Events, and continue to be mentored by Annette Loudon. 

The foundations of my teachings are in breath work and understanding the unique needs of every-body. It is not one aspect alone of the body, mind, spirit, which needs balancing, but all of the systems together. I am excited to continue to broaden my reach within the community, introducing the healing arts of yoga to those I am fortunate to teach.