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Kassie has been a great support for me with the birth of my first baby. I attended her pregnancy yoga, completed Hypnobirthing Australia course with her and now attend her mums and bubs yoga. I would recommend Hypnobirthing to any first-time mum. Learning your options from a different perspective other than just the hospital system is crucial so that you can make your own well-informed decisions on how you birth. There are SO many decisions to make both leading up to your birth and after, Hypnobirthing put me in contact with other like-minded mums both in person and online where I could chat freely about issues not often covered in traditional antenatal classes.Thank you Kassie for facilitating a welcoming learning environment and helping us to confidently welcome the birth of our baby girl.

Samantha Stoner

My husband and I completed the hypnobirthing course with Kassie in preparation for the arrival of our baby in October 2017.  Though both of us work in the health and medical field I wanted to explore alternative methods to assist us in managing the birth of our baby in a positive, calm and relaxed manner, while feeling in control of my body and mind without the need for pain relief and unnecessary medical intervention. My regular yoga practice (including pregnancy yoga with Kassie) had taught me to listen to my body and breath and I wanted to bring this practice with me into my birth. 

I used the hypnobirthing techniques extensively throughout my birth including the breathing, affirmations and visualisations, with my husband taking on his role as my support person in full confidence. With these tools and my husband’s support, I was able to remain calm, relaxed and accepting of the journey my birth took. Unfortunately, despite my best (and extensive!) efforts I required an emergency caesarean section in order to birth my baby. Whilst this was not in my ‘plan’ I credit hypnobirthing for my ability to reflect on my birth as an incredibly positive experience for both my husband and I. We faced the birth of our beautiful daughter Quinn as a team and I cannot thank Kassie enough for her teaching and support in preparation of the big day.  

Kerryn Perram

After giving birth for the second time I can honestly say how grateful I was to do the hypnobirthing course with Kassie. 

Initially, after loosing my cousin in a very rare birthing tragedy, the thought of birthing was one of my biggest fears. After my first hypnobirthing class Kassie had me feeling excited about giving birth, very well educated and calm in understanding that the negative experiences of other did not have to become my own. The course allowed me to trust my instincts and prepare for what was to come. 

Not only did I use these incredible tools for my first birth but I felt as though I could improve on them for my second. 

The course is also structured to help guide your partner which is a crucial element of birthing. My husband was confidently able to assist and understand what I may go through. It helped us become a team and it wasn’t just me having to prepare for the birth on my own. We came into the birth together and we were going to come out at the end together holding our precious child. 

I can honestly say I feel honoured to have taken part in such a course as it enabled me to have two drug free births and be in the moment every breathe of the way. 

Penny Tejcek

Kassie and the hypnobirthing classes gave myself and my husband insight into birthing and what to expect. I went from fearing child birth to being amazed at my body and what it was achieving. It gave us strategies to help us both remain calm no matter what turn our birthing took.
Kassie’s prenatal yoga classes were also vital to my birth stories. I had never done yoga before and Kassie was so welcoming. I used breathing techniques taught in the yoga class throughout my births. It was also great to take timeout weekly and attend yoga to appreciate my body and my growing baby.
I used the tools taught in hypnobirthing and yoga to birth my babies without intervention- Something that I would of thought was impossible before I had met Kassie. My first birth was a calm 8 hours and my big 9.2lb son arrived in the amniotic sac. My second birth was an even calmer 5 hours in the water and my daughter arrived in the arms of husband. I’m the type of person who takes panadol for a paper cut and to birth my babies without drugs was a proud moment for me!
I would highly recommend Kassie and her classes. A truly worthwhile investment for yourself and family.

Lisa Rossington

My partner and I completed the hypnobirthing course at our home with Kassie when I was pregnant for the first time. The course made me feel at ease and allowed me to prepare myself well for the upcoming birth of my baby.
Kassie provided us with the knowledge and the confidence to chose a natural birthing style rather than an invention focused birth. She made us feel relaxed and by the end of the course I was able to block out any negative energy towards birthing and truely look forward to the birth of my babies.
I loved using the affirmations, breathing and relaxation techniques throughout my labour and I was lucky enough to have two magical births. Our son was born in the water after a relaxed and all natural 5 hour labour. Second time around I felt so relaxed and at ease with my surges that as a surprise to us our daughter was born at home!
Kassie is an awesome teacher and I would highly recommend taking her hypnobirthing course to any couple preparing to start their family!

Donna Maree

Before attending Kassie's Hypnobirthing course, I felt totally unprepared and even fearful of childbirth. After completing the course my mindset totally changed - I felt empowered, and learnt to trust my body. My husband also felt much more prepared to be an active birth partner after doing the course.
The hypnobirthing techniques I learnt helped me both in the lead up to, and during my birth. I laboured for almost 20 hours without any pain relief, and ended up delivering my almost 10 pound baby naturally.
I also attended a few of Kassie's Pregnancy Yoga Classes, which I really enjoyed. I'd never done yoga before, but the classes were perfectly designed to suit all levels of yoga experience. It was a good chance to practice some of the breathing techniques I'd learnt at hypnobirthing, which were invaluable during my son's birth.
I would highly recommend both Hypnobirthing and Pregnancy Yoga with Kassie, and look forward to starting Mums and Bubs yoga with her soon!

We chose to do hypnobirthing to prepare for the birth of our first child. I'd also been attending Kassie's prenatal yoga which is great! During the hypnobirthing course Kassie was fantastic, supportive and very knowledgable both pre and post birth. The course is really practical both in skills but in also helping us to understand how fear or anxiety about birth effects you physically in the birth process. We were really impressed by the additional videos you continue to be sent by email which help you refine the skills from the face to face course right up until birth.
There are lots of different components to the course which are useful for different birth situations you may find yourself in. At the end of my pregnancy I became unwell and faced situations we had not planned for. The skills and preparation from the course helped both my partner and I calmly accept the different turn out birthing took helping us to feel really positive and empowered through our birth.

Jessica Trembath


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